Breuer's keen observations

Foto: T. C. BreuerAlthough Breuer's keen observations and cutting-edge humor included traditional political barbs, it frequently harpooned stereotypes, pointed out cultural differences and analyzed language and words. By using facial contortions, dialect, and a swift delivery, Breuer soon disproved the old myth that Germany do not have a sense of humor and are generally deadly serious. His love of American culture was also evident by the fact that before leaving Cincinnati for his return flight, he checked out a traditional American diner - a passion of his and the subject of a novel he is currently working on - and he purchased several pounds of Starbuck's espresso coffee to take home. Could it be that the unconventional and oblique thinking Breuer is thinking of opening an American diner in Germany and serving American Starbuck's coffee?

Karl Obrath, April 1999
University of Cincinnati, OH. Dept. of Germanic Languages and Literatures

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